Humor - the POWER TOOL of success

Increase the humor content (and laughs) of your professional presentations, informal business talks, and every day conversation.

Learn How to Write Humor on Demand

Writers sit down and write it on demand. Writers write in a week what most comedians take a year to develop. The links below will take you to invaluable articles and part of an all day writing workshop that will help you learn how to sit down and do it on purpose.

Cantu Joke Study Joke Study Professor

An over-the-shoulder look at how the jokes in HumorMall Jokes Weekly were selected and edited. Virtually a home study course in professional joke writing. Slant is for writing/creating jokes & one liners for the professional communicator.

There is NO experience or "talent" requirement. Budding comedy writers (and even dabblers) welcome.

John’s co-editor, Paul Giles, has over 20 years experience in stand-up comedy and humor, and has written freelance for dozens of comedians, including "The Tonight Show" with Jay Leno and "Politically Incorrect" with Bill Mahr, as well as staff writing positions in television and radio. Giles is available as a freelance writer.

John Cantu's Virtual Humor Writing Class: John Cantu

Cantu's first love was coaching - helping beginners break-in with a minimum of sweat, pain, and anguish; as well as providing professional guidance for the journeyman performer / speaker / writer.

Cantu is said to have helped launched the career of more working comics and comedy writers than any other comedy coach in the Bay Area. As one performer said to Cantu, "I can't scratch my nose in a comedy club greenroom without bumping my elbow into at least one or two other comics who've worked with you."

Cantu had more than thirty years comedy / humor / performing experience: Comedy Coach: Stand-up students are now headlining in clubs and performing on television. Writing Students have written for major comics and have also written books. Trainer: Produced hundreds of weekly comedy writing and comedy performing workshops; Writer: Wrote for Ad agencies, cartoonists, comedians, greeting card publishers, public speakers, has written freelance articles about humor, comedy, and comedians.

Joke Writing Calendar Humor Calendar

Increase Your Laugh Response Using a YEARLY HUMOR CALENDAR:

As silly as it may seem to you, if your talk has a couple of references to the unseasonably cold winter they've been having, or the sudden heat wave or a line about the first baseball game of the season, you do not come as across as giving the same old tired speech you give to everyone.

Introduction to Humor Writing Techniques Happy Pencil

With "observational humor" sometimes the joke is right there in front of you but more often than not, the funny person sees the situation, and because of training, background, and years of experience, instinctively applies one or more humor techniques to the situation, often unconsciously.

Here's where you start training yourself to do the same: