Humor - the POWER TOOL of success

"The artful execution of all the qualities of leadership can be seen in small, everyday acts. If done with a light touch, all the better."

The Business of Comedy

These articles were written by comedy professionals for "non-funny" people. Whether you have to “pitch” a proposal for a business deal, increase public awareness for your business, or develop problem solving skills to use in your office.

You will find these articles practical and illustrated. So do a “little reverse engineering” and make the skills presented here your own.

Learned in Comedy Clubs Translated to Business Man with sunglasses tells what learned in comedy clubs is useful in business

In a comedy club, you learn to pay attention to what the people around you are doing. The audience. Other comics. The club owner. It's amazing to me how oblivious a lot of people in big companies are to their fellow workers. And how detrimental that can be.

"Perfect Pitch" Part 1 Woman with cell phone tells how to pitch ideas to Hollywood

Do you have an idea for a local radio or television show? Planning to hit Hollywood and pitch your sit-com idea, animation short, or feature length script? Read this article and do a little reverse engineering.

"Perfect Pitch" Part 2 Man in business meeting tells how to pitch ideas as a team

Look at it as though it were a comedy team: one guy's the comic (pitch man) and the other person is straight man (trouble shooter). Use the talents of the team, or if it's got to be one guy alone giving the whole pitch, use that person's strengths and shore up his weaknesses. Make sure, though, you don't gang up on your audience (oh, like I really feel sorry for the poor venture capitaist).

Laughter Attracts New Business and Increases Profits Restaurant waitress with patron and how restaurant management can profit from comedy

It's been said that operating a restaurant successfully is like trying to solve a series of emergencies separated only by problems. Here are some problems the typical restaurant manager can face and how comedy solved them...

The Mechanics of Producing a Comedy Show Restaurant neon sign and how comedy can solve problems with customer awareness

If you have a problem with customer awareness, not enough promotion, or not enough income, instead of fretting about your problem think comedy and see if you can laugh it away.