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You Know WHAT you want... But do you have the right TOOLS to achieve it? From presidents to executives... Humor has been the POWER TOOL of success. And HumorMall is dedicated to helping YOU achieve your dream - using Humor. is your one-stop location for everything you need to know to create and/deliver humor effectively.

Whether you are a: Comedian, platform humorist, professional speaker using humor, actor, columnist, ventriloquist, sitcom writer, and so on.

Regardless of media or form of expression you may be partial to, over time, will provide you with the most useful, most comprehensive information available to help you be as funny and successful as you want to be.


If you take a moment to think about humor, you will realize that there are two sides to being funny:

  1. Writing / Creating your funny material;
  2. Performing / Delivering your funny material.
What constitute delivery of material varies depending on your chosen medium:
A comedian delivers a five-seven minute monologue for television, and twenty to sixty minutes monologue for a comedy club performance.
A trainer can present for sixty minutes, ninety minutes, a half day or full day with humor interspersed.
A humor columnist delivers (usually) 750 words.
A novelist delivers a finished manuscript of an indefinite number of pages.
A humorous ad writer delivers ad copy. . .


While both sides (writing/creating & performing/delivering) do have much in common they are two different skills.

In the same way that screen writers share much in common with actors, yet screen writing skills are different from acting skills.

Or singers. They share much in common with songwriters but song writing skills are different from singing skills.

And dancers share much in common with choreographers but dancing skills are different from choreography skills.

It's the creative artist versus the interpretive artist.

The both skills can be expressed by the same person or a person may have kack for one or the other skills and prefer to specialize only or primarily in that area.

We take this into account and try to bring you resources to help you in both areas.


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Humor for SpeakersHumor for Speakers

Ever given a presentation and wished you could have inserted humor to lighten up the serious parts? Do you want to be funny with friends, relatives, and colleagues? Would you like to learn how to be funny on purpose?

You've probably noticed that a person who has the ability to make people laugh is universally admired. And you may have occasionally felt frustrated that you weren't one of the lucky ones born with the gift of being able to make others laugh at will.

Here is good news for you. Humor is a skill. And it is a skill that you can develop.

Comedian's Resources Comedian's Resources

Comedy Club Diaries is a backstage real-world look at comedy club life written by professional comedians. We started this miscellaneous series of essays with a delightful one written by Don Stevens who was the house MC when John Cantu was co-owner and producer of shows at the legendary (at least in the US) San Francisco comedy club, the Holy City Zoo.

The Zoo became a hangout for performers and often comics would stop by to do free guest shows before or after they headed out to paying gigs. Drop in visitors included: Robin Williams, Kevin Pollack, Jackie Mason, Jay Leno, Eric Idle, Freddie Roman, and more.

Write Humor on Demand Write Humor on Demand

Writers sit down and write it on demand. Writers write in a week what most comedians take a year to develop. These invaluable articles and part of an all day writing workshop will help you learn how to sit down and do it on purpose.

The Business of Comedy The Business of Comedy

These articles were written by comedy professionals for "non-funny" people. Whether you have to “pitch” a proposal for a business deal, increase public awareness for your business, or develop problem solving skills to use in your office.

You will find these articles practical and illustrated. So do a “little reverse engineering” and make the skills presented here your own.

Free Jokes Weekly! Free Jokes Weekly!

Jokes you can use free without fear of copyright infringement! Whether you are a comedian, comic, comedienne, monologist, toastmaster, radio personality, minister, club president, emcee, mc, educator, clergy, community leader, communication expert, advertising writer... Or just someone with a personal interest in humor and creativity.